Top Tricks To Keep The Champagne Flowing This Summer

To many, opening a bottle of champagne is usually a sign of celebration, whether that be a dinner party, a wedding, a special occasion, or just to celebrate a Friday evening. However, opening a nice bottle of champagne can sometimes feel like a bit of a commitment. Let’s be honest, the longevity of champagne can be a little off-putting. (crazy, we know.) Champagne just doesn't hold its sparkle for long and nobody wants bubbly with no bubbles. If you are lucky enough to have any champagne leftover at the end of the evening then this one's for you.

We have put together some helpful tips and tricks to get the most out of your champagne AND ideas on how to keep the leftovers fresh for a couple of days. Even more reason to pop open the bubbly when you fancy celebrating the small victories, like getting through the working week.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Pour

One of the biggest tricks to getting the most out of each glass is learning how to pour. Pouring champagne in smaller quantities will prevent your drink from getting warm and the bubbles from escaping. It might look a little stingy at first glance but aim to pour around a third of a glass at a time and make sure you put the bottle back into the fridge afterwards to keep it cool. 

In addition, it's important to take notice of the type of glass you are pouring your champagne into. Using a wine glass for your champagne may release the aromas and allow for a bigger drink but it will also release the bubbles. Opt for a champagne flute to stop the fizz from escaping as quickly. The clue is in the name, really, but it's a very common mistake that can cost you a glass of flat champagne in the long run on the rare occasion you don't drink it quick enough.

Storing your champagne

If you've got the willpower and are planning on opening your bottle of fizz within the next couple of days, then storing it in the fridge is fine. Don't leave your champagne in the fridge for weeks on end though as the cork can become dry. The lack of humidity in the fridge can loosen the seal, resulting in oxidised champagne. If you are saving a bottle for a special occasion then store it in a cool dry place away from sunlight or heat and transfer it to the fridge roughly 24 hours before opening for optimum chilled champagne.

Put An End To Escaping Bubbles With A Bottle Stop

Using a high-quality bottle stopper will help to conserve the fizz whilst your bottle is in the fridge. Opt for a heavy-duty bottle stopper with a tight seal or a vacuum stopper to keep the bubbles from escaping. A good bottle stop will also keep aromas from the other items in your fridge from affecting the overall flavours. Let's face it, nobody wants champagne tasting like last night's leftover takeaway.

Champagne stopper photograph by @maggiecochran

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