The Spirit Trends that will define 2024

It’s no surprise that more than ever, we as a nation are choosing to drink at home. It’s generally cheaper, more convenient and it’s become part of our lifestyles since lockdown. With this shift in drinking habits, comes demand and high expectations from consumers. Our tastes, interests and desires are constantly changing, so the drinks industry has no other choice but to keep up with some exciting offers.

Ranging from environmental conscious spirits to pair with a range of celebrations. To the comeback of Rum, with a higher focus on botanical pairings. Curating a more luxurious and tasty alcoholic spirit, fit for even the pickiest drinkers. Here are key spirit trends that are set to define 2024…


The Year of Jack (Daniels)

It’s Whiskey Business

The Ghost from The Shining has good taste, choosing Jack Daniels as the Whiskey or choice, just maybe not the greatest character judgement…This year is going to be another landmark year for Whiskey. Whether you know it as Whisky or Whiskey, this is set to become the staple alcoholic beverage for 2024. With more distilleries opening, new products being mixed and cask ageing being more recently used for Whiskey. Imparting new flavours and texture, like Sherry, into the age-old favourites. 

With more traditional Whiskey categories such as Scotch and Japanese, becoming very popular for Whiskey lovers everywhere. We expect to see more whiskies that challenge more traditional offerings in the future. Whether you are well-versed in the world of Whisky or you’re interested in broadening your palate, we have a range of different options to choose from. 

The Rise of Sustainable Spirits

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

The importance of brands being sustainable and eco-friendly has been at the forefront of many people's minds, with the biggest change seen in alcoholic beverages. Seen already through the finish of Veganuary, the increase in sustainable gins and the emergence of vegan rum. The Spirits industry is becoming more environmentally friendly and environmentally conscious. 

We have a range of Sustainable and Vegan Spirits, including Dead Man's Finger Spiced Rum, a Caribbean rum with a deadly attitude, the perfect beverage for those looking for ethically made spirits. That’s also a great pairing with any Pirates of the Caribbean films. A blend of exotic spices, with creamy caramel, warming cinnamon and a touch of spiced orange. With notes of lemon, cucumber and black pepper.  Enjoy mixed, neat or on ice, either way, this is not your usual spirit. 

Time for Tequila 

Guillermo Del Toro x Patrón Tequila 

Looking to add high-end quality to your drinks collection? Whilst we can’t beat the famous partnership with Gullermo Del Toro, famous for terrifying creations like Crimson Peak; we can certainly get on this wavelength. Aptly put - stop thinking, start drinking Tequila. According to Bacardi’s latest report, 62% of bartenders use Tequila, making this the top trending spirit. Gone are the days, when Tequila was seen just as a shot or used in Margaritas. Now, Tequila is a high-end tipple of choice, that is always eager to play a starring role in the celebrations. 

If you want to try a premium agave Tequila, take a look at Patron Resposado Tequila. A sublime tequila that holds notes of citrus fruits and vanilla. A high quality, rich and flavoursome spirit, the ultimate beverage for tequila lovers. Looking for a non-alcohol alternative? Take a look at Clean Co’s Oaky Agave. A low-calorie Tequila alternative, with a dash of tabasco for a little kick. Ideal for making hangover-free margarita’s.

Rum Rum Rum…

Don’t Look Up Featuring Bacardi Rum

Time flies when you're having Rum, especially when Earth is about to be destroyed by a comet… Listed as one of the top 6 spirits, in Bacardi’s Drinks Trends Report, with more on the lookout for well-crafted rums. What once had very limited no-alcohol and ingredient selections, is starting to make a comeback. With people swapping out the traditional Rum and Cola, with Rum and Tonic. Becoming a luxury, sustainable spirit, with a focus on ‘dry sipping’, focusing on daring dry flavours without sugar being the focus. 

Here at Threshers, we have a range of Bacardi Rums. Including the Bacardi Raspberry Rum featured in Don’t Look Up. A mouth watering combination of white rum and citrus raspberry flavours. Perfect for those looking for a sweet, refreshing alcoholic drink. Alternatively, take a look at the Bacardi Oro Gold Rum. An expertly crafted rum, with rich flavours and a golden complexion. Premium Rum, from the largest spirit company. Perfect for Rum lovers everywhere. 

If you’re reading this blog, like us, you are very interested in your alcoholic spirits. Whether you have a specific alcoholic beverage in mind or are looking to try something new, we’re certain we’ve got what you are looking for. With over 500 alcoholic spirits on our website, take your pick.