A Simple Guide to Speciality Whiskey

Whisky beginners, don’t fear. Here’s how to get your head around the different types of whiskeys and make sure you choose something that will satisfy your taste buds and wallets. Let’s start by jumping across the pond and getting to know some stateside whiskey. 

American Whiskey

American Whiskey is a distilled beverage produced in the United States. Traditionally made from fermented grain ‘mash’. The most popular types of American Whiskey are Bourbon, Rye Whiskey and Tennesse Whiskey. All of which are made from at least 51% of their named grains. This differs from Irish Whiskey and Scotch Whisky as this a made mostly from Barley. Also, American Whiskey’s a typical sweeter than their counterparts, perfect for those who have a sweet tooth. 

Want to taste this stateside beverage? Take a look at Southern Comfort. A unique blend of sweet spice and fruit notes with American Whiskey. A flavour, unlike any other Southern Comfort. A smooth drinking Whiskey made from a recipe perfected over 140 years, so we know it tastes good. Perfect to enjoy over ice, in a cocktail or in a long drink.

Japanese Whisky

This type of Whisky has appeared quite recently, coming into fruition in the 1920s. Inspired by Scotch Whisky, with the first Whisky makers being Japanese. Although it is similar to Scotch Whiskey there is no legal maturation period and they are usually aged over 5 years. Making this a more distinctive, long-lasting tipple. 

Fancy trying this? Check out Togouchi Premium Japanese Blended Whisky. A blended Japanese Whisky originally produced in the town of Togouchi, matured in a tunnel rather than a warehouse. A no-age-statement expression, defying what it means to make Whisky. Distilled with pure spring water, holding an honest and elegant taste of freshly cut glass on a sweet and gentle palate. With flavours of honey, white pepper and nutmeg.

Irish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey is arguably one of the world’s greatest styles of Whiskey. Made in Ireland, it is often tripled distilled from unmalted barley, blended with grain Whiskey or distilled into a pure single malt. Known for its exceptional smoothness, this is the fastest-growing spirit in the world for good reason. Whether you add a splash to your coffee, enjoy straight or have it on the rocks; it’s essential for all Whiskey Lovers. 

Want to try? Why not check out Jameson Irish Whiskey, the staple of St Patrick’s Day that can be enjoyed all year round. A tripled distilled Irish Whiskey, with a signature smoothness. Holding a perfect balance of spicy and sweet notes, with a hint of sherry. Perfect to enjoy neat, on ice or added to your favourite Whiskey cocktail. 

Indian Whisky

This type of Whisky is produced in India made from a blending spirit distilled from fermented molasses. Similar to what we know as Rum. With the addition of a grain Whisky (like wheat, rye or Barley) or a pre-blended Scotch Whisky. Want to know a fun fact? Indian Whisky cannot be sold in Europe as Whisky, instead, it simply can be called a ‘spirit drink.

Want to have a taste? Check out Amrut Indian Peated Malt Whisky. A smokey and spicy whisky, holding a hint of citrus and an immediate sensation of molasses sugar. Topped with a sweet finish of butterscotch vanillas, for a comfortable and clean finale. 

No matter if you enjoy a traditional Irish Whiskey or a distinctive Japanese Whiskey, we have a selection of spirits that all Whiskey (and Whisky!) lovers will enjoy. Shop our selection here