The Most Expensive Gins In The World

close up of KOVAL DRY GIN bottle The popularity of gin could perhaps be attributed to its accessibility. With countless flavour profiles to suit every taste (from traditional juniper to candyfloss!) and a relatively low price point, gin is an approachable spirit that lends itself well to all preferences. This accessibility also extends to distilleries. Instead of complex distilling processes or long ageing timescales, gin can often be produced quite quickly. That means it's easier to experiment with, as well as being cheaper to produce. The results are interesting gin brands at a fairly low price - which is why gin is so 'on-trend'. However, there are some exceptions to these gin brands. Across the world, there are bottles of rare gin that are commanding prices that highlight their exclusivity and quality. These gins of the world are amongst the most expensive, making them a rare and unique find for gin lovers. If you're interested in finding out more about the most expensive gin brands, we've put together a list of our top picks. View our selection of premium gins

Watenshi, England

Consistently known as the world's most exclusive gin, Watenshi by the Cambridge Distillery is made using an innovative distilling process. The master distillers capture the vapour that is usually evaporated in the process of making their Japanese gin and transform it into an elegant and complex gin. Only 6 bottles are made with every batch, making it a seriously rare gin. You can expect to pay upwards of £2000 for a bottle of Watenshi gin.

Jam Jar Gin Morus LXIV, England

When it comes to expensive gins, UK brands are leading the way. This rare gin is considered to be the most valuable in the world, particularly because it is distilled from the leaves of a single 100-year old mulberry tree. Gin enthusiasts will appreciate the complexity of Morus LXIV's flavour profile, which boasts a smoky sweetness, intense juniper and citrus zest oils. Made in very small batches, this exclusive gin brand is incredibly rare to get hold of but worth it for those willing to pay the gin price. Expect to pay upwards of £4000 for a bottle of Morus LXIV.

Nolet's Reserve Modern Gin, Holland

With hints of verbena and saffron, Nolet's Reserve gin is one of the most exclusive in regular circulation. It's marketed as a premium sipping gin, with complex flavours that lend themselves well to drinking this rare gin neat. Reserve is the personal creation of Carolus Nolet, Sr. He is the 10th generation distillery owner at Nolet, the same distillery behind Ketel One vodka. He approves every batch of Reserve before it is bottled, and every bottle is numbered by hand. Expect to pay upwards of £650 for a bottle of Nolet's Reserve.

Monkey 47 Distiller's Cut, Germany

If you like trying unusual and rare gins, the Distiller's Cut by Monkey 47 is a must. Already renowned for their delicious and innovative gins, often thought of as the best gins in the world, Monkey 47 release something special every year. Called their Distiller's Cut, these bottles feature an unusual botanical ingredient. In 2018, the distillers included red mustard cress leaves. Expect to pay approximately £250 for a bottle of Monkey 47's Distiller's Cut.

Anty Gin, England

Bear with us for this one. This is another innovative gin brand from the Cambridge Distillery and is thought to be one of the most pioneering gin distillery methods in the world. This rare gin is made from the essence of 62 wood ants, as well as hand-foraged botanicals including juniper, wild wood avens and nettle. Expect sharp citrus notes and an intense flavour profile from this exclusive gin brand. Anty Gin typically comes in at £200 for 700ml.

Forager's Clogau Reserve Gin, Wales

A collaboration between Snowdonia Distillery and the jewellery brand Clogau, this rare gin is one of the most boutique in the world. It is made from six hand-foraged botanicals indigenous to the Welsh mountains and coastline, including juniper, sea buckthorn, cameo apple, elderberry, gorse flower and heather. It is also made from water filtered through seams of gold in the shale of Snowdonia, which is sourced from a mine near the Clogau mine. The result? An exquisite gin with hints of tropical fruit. A bottle of Clogau Reserve Gin will set you back £130.

Spring Gin Gentleman's Cut, Belgium

Somewhat less expensive as other gins on this list, this edition of Spring Gin is still not a cheap addition to your drink's cabinet. With delicious notes of juniper, black pepper and cardamom, followed by liquorice and lime, this higher proof gin is one of the best gins of the world.  While marketed towards gentlemen, it works particularly well in cocktails and when enjoyed neat. You can expect to pay £80 for a bottle of Gentleman's Cut.

HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin Limited Release, Isle of Wight

Made by the experimental and innovative Isle of Wight Distillery, this gin was made in association with The National Museum of the Royal Navy. It has been aged in casks created from the wood of the HMS Victory herself. Only 251 bottles were produced, making it one of the most exclusive and rare gins in the world. Expect to pay £350 for a bottle of the limited release editions, although you can buy the regular HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin for £40.

CHASE Elegant 48 Gin Jeroboam, England

While perhaps better known for their vodka production, this British distillery makes one of the world's best gins too. Their Elegant 48 Gin is particularly exquisite. It's made with apples from the estate's 300-year old orchard and is distilled with secret wild botanicals from surrounding meadows. You can taste the care that has gone into distilling this gin too. Expect fresh and aromatic notes, with a spicy finish. While Chase's Elegant 48 can be bought for around £40, this limited-edition release will set you back £350.

Gin Mare Mediterranean Gin, Spain

This elegant gin is immediately noticeable as a spirit distilled in warmer climes. Inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and lifestyle, Gin Mare has a mix of olive, rosemary, thyme, basil and mandarin within its exotic botanical blend. A stand-out blend that is making waves on the international gin scene, Gin Mare is as unusual as it is exceptional. Enjoy this rare gin in premium tonic water or as a base for a complex cocktail. You can expect to pay approximately £145 for a magnum of Gin Mare.

Ferdinand's Quince Reserve Gin, Germany

Ferdinand's Quince Reserve Gin is another shining star in the European gin landscape. Matured in Riesling casks, this gin has unusual yet exquisite notes of earthy marmalade and oaky raisin. You will likely also notice notes of sweet orange zest, quince, dried apricot, and honey on your palate. Gin enthusiasts recommend sipping this rare gin neat or with dessert. Drinking this exquisite spirit with tonic or in a cocktail will mask its unusual qualities. Expect to pay approximately £135 for this rare gin.

Let's summarise…

Whether you love experimenting with new gin flavours or want to purchase on of the world's best gins as a gift, we hope our guide to the most experience gins in the world has inspired you on your gin adventure. Ready to purchase? Browse our selection of premium gins to find your next favourite. Need more time to decide what premium spirits to buy? Get inspired with the Threshers gift guide.