Grown Up’s Guide To Alfresco Drinking

We think it's fair to say that as a nation, us Brit's are pretty good at drinking; but thanks to a year full of restrictions, we have also become experts when it comes to drinking at home.

With that being said, what has been missing is the banter and fun that is shared when drinking with friends, which is why we are equally excited as the next sane person when it comes to lockdown restrictions easing just in time for our Spring garden gatherings.

No more virtual cheers and a lot more toasting in person! 

Whether you're after an Aperol spritz in the sun or craft beer by the riverside, here's a list of recommended drinks to pair with your outdoor gatherings. 

Rose All The Way 

We may not be able to recline in a lounger by a pool in Palmer this bank holiday weekend, but what we can do is soak up the opportunity to relax AND day drink in the comfort of our own garden. And let's face it, you will be saving money as well as getting tipsy, especially with our Spring offer on Halfpenny English Rose; swanky and tasty, at a fraction of the price. 

You can pair this beauty with some fresh fruits, cheese and crackers or a home mashup of tapas supplies from your local supermarket. And voila! It’s just like you were in the South of France. 

Gin Time All Day!

Who doesn't love a cheeky Gin & Tonic? We have a huge range of Gins, including Dry, Flavoured, and Pink Gins. Why not stock up on your favourite flavours in time for Spring! Why not get crafty at the outside garden bar and mix up an Alfresco Spritz? 

Bubbles Galore!

Finally, you can't go wrong with bubbles?! Pair any outdoor brunch, lunch or dinner with champagne, and you are set to serve up a good time! Discover a selection of premium bottles that will have you popping up something memorable. 

Remember to tag us in your Alfresco Drinking snapshots!! We can't wait to see what you will be serving up for your socially distanced but very fun gatherings!