Guide to Johnnie Walker

Guide to Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker - we know it’s a great whiskey, but with so many different variations and labels, how is a JW newbie meant to choose? 

We get asked the same questions all the time about world-favourite Johnnie Walker and all the different labels, so we’re here to talk about the different varieties on offer and help you to figure out which one will suit you best. So sit back, grab a drink and let’s get started… 

One of the most commonly asked questions we hear is ‘where is Johnnie Walker made?’.

Johnnie Walker is a Scottish brand, distilled in Edinburgh since 1820. The flagship store is also based in Edinburgh. You can go there to take part in the Johnnie Walker Experience and learn the history of one of the most recognisable whisky brands around the world.

But enough with the background, you want to know which label is best - so here’s a quick reference guide to help you, or read on for more info… 


Aged for


Blue Label 

NAS - Minimum 3 years

Touch of spice, citrus and berry fruits, aniseed and hints of cedar.

Red Label 

NAS - Minimum 3 years

Black pepper & Cinnamon

Green Label 

15 years

Crisp apple, pears, sandalwood & cinnamon

Black Label

12 years

Creamy toffee, sweet fruit and spice and a finish of warming smoke

Double Black Label

NAS - Minimum 3 years

Slightly peppery, smokey and rich with sweetness

Gold Label

18 years

Vibrant, tropical fruit with smooth, creamy vanilla

Platinum Label

18 years

Sweet, warm vanilla, nutty, malty dryness

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

What is Johnnie Walker Blue Label? 

‘What is so special about Johnnie Walker Blue Label?’ we hear you ask… Blue Label boasts a mixed blend of Scotland's rarest and highest quality whiskys. The mix gives it a host of velvety smooth notes, with spice, citrus and berry fruits, aniseed and hints of cedar coming through in force. 

How long is Johnnie Walker Blue aged?

A minimum of three years, however reports have suggested that they are anywhere between 28 and 60 years in maturity). Only 1 in 10,000 casks are considered good enough by Johnnie Walker to warrant the Blue Label. 

How to drink Johnnie Walker Blue?

Being one of the higher priced Johnnie Walker labels, the last thing you’d want to do is dilute or confuse the blend by adding a mixer, so we suggest that Blue Label is best served neat.

To fully enjoy the experience, you could serve with a glass of chilled water on the side in order to cleanse the palate and allow for better appreciation of the flavours. 

Where can I buy Johnnie Walker Blue Label? 

Order Johnnie Walker Blended Scotch Blue Label Whisky.

Johnnie Walker Red Label

Next up, we have Johnnie Walker’s Red Label, which is the world’s best-selling Scotch whisky due its bold, characterful flavour and accessible price point. 

Being the cheapest label in the offering, you’re probably wondering ‘but, is Johnnie Walker Red label good?’ Well, it’s won more than 30 major awards such as two Le Monde Selection Grand Golds and three gold awards at the International Wine and Spirit competition. If that isn’t enough to convince you…!

How long is Johnnie Walker Red label aged? 

Johnnie Walker’s Red Label carries a NAS (no age statement), however it used to be aged by a minimum of nine years. 

What to mix with Johnnie Walker Red Label?

Whilst Johnnie Walker’s Red Label is great on its own, this is the label you want to be using for your cocktails! Try serving over ice, with a squeeze of fresh lime and top up with your favourite ginger ale for a classic ‘Johnnie Ginger’. If you’re going to mix though, make sure you add a garnish for the best possible flavour - we’d recommend a simple slice of ginger.

What’s the difference between Johnnie Walker Red and Black Labels?

The red and black labels are often compared to one another but which one comes out on top? The two share similar characteristics, in that they both offer a very consistent taste but the Black Label does boast an unrivalled smoothness. 

Our recommendation? If you’re looking for a whiskey to drink neat, we’d opt for the black - enjoy the full experience of the peat/sweet balance. For a whiskey to mix, Red Label is spicy and flavoursome enough to mix in cocktails, but with a cheaper price point.  

Where can I buy Johnnie Walker Red Label?

Ready for cocktails? Order Johnnie Walker Red Label

Johnnie Walker Green Label

What is Johnnie Walker Green Label?

Johnnie Walker’s Green Label is the only blend in the line up which is made entirely with single malts - which have been sourced from the four regions of Scotland. Green Label is aged by 15 years which allows the earthy aromas and rich wood notes to really stand centre stage, leaving a smoky finish. 

Is Johnnie Walker Green Label good? 

If you know your whiskeys, this combination of flavours, aromas and notes will suit you down to the ground. The Green Label is one of the finest blends on the market at this price point - far outperforming its competitors in the taste tests, making for the perfect everyday dram.

How to drink Green Label by Johnnie Walker

The Green Label is enjoyed most when drunk neat or with ice. 

Where to Buy Johnnie Walker Green Label?

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Johnnie Walker Black Label

If you’re wondering ‘What does Johnnie Walker Black Label taste like?’ - well you’re in for a treat with this one. It has a distinct taste of sweet toffee, fruit and spice and is rich with smoke - an exceptional blend of Scotland’s rarest and most exquisite whiskies. 

How long is Johnnie Walker Black Label Aged? 

Johnnie Walker’s Black Label is a 12 year aged blended scotch. 

How to drink Johnnie Walker Black Label?

In our opinion, there is really only one way to drink Black Label - and that’s neat. Let the flavours do the talking with this delicious blend. 

What is the best mix for Johnnie Walker Black Label? 

If we can’t tempt you to drink it neat, we love a Black Label Old Fashioned. Simply add ice and sugar syrup/cubes to your dram and top with aromatic bitters. Garnish your with orange peel, toasted rosemary or even a blood orange wedge for the perfect Old Fashioned. 

Where can I buy Johnnie Walker Black Label?

You can order Johnnie Walker’s Black Label

Johnnie Walker Double Black Label

'too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whisky is barely enough  - Mark Twain

Johnnie Walker Double Black Label is the rebellious younger sibling of Black Label and boasts some serious intensity. Aged in charred barrels the whisky creates a full bodied, smoky blend which is the Double Black Label.

How is Double Black different from the Black Label?

The main differences between the Black Label and Double Black is the taste.Black label offers a more mellow, fruity and spicy taste, where as Double Black is a bolder, more grown up version -  with pepper, smoke and honey; not quite as smooth, but definitely more impactful. 

There is also a slight difference in colour, with Double Black looking a bit richer with hints of red and copper - whilst Black Label offers more of an amber hue. 

How long is Johnnie Walker Double Black Label aged?

Johnnie Walker’s Double Black Label does not have an age statement but is distinctly rich in flavour.

Is Johnnie Walker Double Black Label good? 

Johnnie Walker’s Double Black Label is an intense whisky which is much loved by the public - ideal as a standalone drink to start (or end!) the night, as opposed to something to sip all night long. The Double Black Label was awarded Double Gold 2021 at the International Spirits Challenge. 

Where can I buy Johnnie Walker Black Label?

Fancy something fancy? Order Johnnie Walker Double Black Label

Johnnie Walker Gold Label reserve

Johnne Walker’s Gold Label Reserve is an award winning blend, made of vibrant whiskies chosen for their sweet and honeyed qualities. It’s a vibrant and tropical quaff with smooth, creamy vanilla notes, a perfect balance of sweet fruits and creaminess, and just a hint of smoke to finish it off.

How many years is Johnnie Walker Gold Label aged?

Johnnie Walker’s Gold Label Reserve is aged for 18 years and is made from an exclusive selection of 15 different aged whiskies.

How to drink Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve

Gold Label Reserve is best served on the rocks. Serving the whisky this way allows you to savour the fruity, creamy and honeyed flavours as the ice tempers the intensity. Garnish with an orange twist to release an extra level of flavour to the experience. 

Alternatively, you can also serve your Gold Label Reserve with apple juice and soda water, ginger beer or as an Old Fashioned. 

Where can I buy Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve?

You can the mellow Johnnie Walker Gold Label reserve

Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 18 year old 

Platinum Label is an 18 year aged, mature blend which combines sophisticated and contemporary tastes with classic Johnnie Walker flavours. First, it’s sweet with a warm vanilla undertone and hints of tangerine which then transforms into nutty, malty dryness, finishing with a soft charcoal smokiness.

What to Mix with Johnnie Walker Platinum Label?

Platinum Label is best served simply - over ice or with water.

Where can I buy Johnnie Walker Platinum Label? 

We don’t currently stock Johnnie Walker Platinum Label, however you can browse the full range of Johnnie Walker over on Threshers.