5 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Rum

Rum is about to have its proverbial day in the sun. Historically it has been overshadowed by other brown liquors and possibly overlooked by you unless you are by a pool, basking in the sunshine and watching the dreamy Mediterranean sunset on an #OOO day. But hear us out when we say rum is worth adding to your basket for your next online order. 


Rum lovers have plenty of aspects to geek over, such as barrel finishes, celeb affiliations, and the fun of funk. But if you are new to the rum front and don't know where to start, or maybe you are still not convinced it's a drink worth tasting, here are some top reasons why you should let Threshers transport you to the sunshine 

No Longer Just For Mixers

The overall perception is changing. Rum was once seen as just a mixer; now, it's a fashionable drink that you will notice more and more people ordering. Why? Because there is a little something for everyone when you open your mind to the different spices and tastes the world of rum offers. Also, don't forget that there are so many different types of rum. Ranging from white rum, black rum, gold rum, aged rum, and spiced and flavoured rum to funky rum and high-proof rum.

You Can Be Your Own Quality Check

Using your senses, it's easy to tell whether you've got a nice rum or a dud. Pour it into a clear glass and examine its colour and clarity. White rums will be clear, while dark rums will have an amber tint. If it's cloudy, it's no good.


Next, give it a taste. Unlike wine, the air is your enemy when it comes to rum. Take a small sip, then swoosh it around in your mouth. (Yes, swoosh is a technical term.) Is alcohol the first thing you taste? That sharp burn is often indicative of a cheaper bottle. The quality of rum will immediately give you complexity: sweet, smoky, and super smooth. The type of rum you want to sip slowly. 


It's Not Just For Summer

Rum is undoubtedly a seasonal drink, so even though we may be entering the summer season, don't be fooled into thinking this drink is just for Summer. Years of ad campaigns have positioned rum as an exclusively summery drink, mixed only with fruity concoctions and coconut. 


While this is not untrue, rum is a year-round drink that you can pair with various ingredients beyond brown sugar, pineapple, and coconut. So don't hide it to the back of the bar cart when we hit Autumn. 

You Don't Need To Spend A Lot  

Remember that you don't need to get bogged down with elaborate rum brands, fancy labels, or spend an arm and a leg to get that perfect tasting rum. Rum is versatile, but it's enjoyed best when you don't overcomplicate things. 


So when shopping for some rum options for your bar cart, all you have to remember is the staple rum pairings which you can mix and match to create consistently good rum cocktails. These are generally considered apple, lime, coke cola, and ginger.


You Don't Need To Be On The Beach To Drink Rum

Yes, we're sure we would all jump at the chance to be sipping rum by the poolside, but the reality is that you may have to wait a few months until your Summer getaway. Or maybe your getaway will be a visit to your very own garden. Either way, rum is an excellent option to indulge in when transporting your mind to paradise on a budget. And Threshers can help you pull it off without overthinking your rum choices. Check out our picks of different Rum and remember to tag us in your own rum getaways!