Buying champagne in bulk for a wedding?

It's official; weddings have been given the green light to proceed. It is a time for much celebration and what for many is the most important and proudest day of their lives. But like with all memorable occasions, someone generally has to foot the bill! And if that's you in 2021, you will probably be paying close attention to how each penny is spent on the big day, especially on wedding drinks.

On the positive, your guest list is probably a little bit tighter, which means fewer mouths to feed and fewer glasses to fill, but that doesn't mean you have to skimp on quality to give your guests a good time when it comes to the bubbly..  

Hear us out, rarely is anything desirable cheap when it comes to weddings. Many factors go towards making that perfect day go smoothly but rest assured, the bubbly you pick from Threshers will be a straightforward process, budget-friendly, yet leave your guests feeling taken care of and fulfilled.

But before you start bottle shopping, why not get up to speed with the different types of champagne from Brut and Rose to Vintage and Prosecco, so online picking will be a breeze!

Where do you buy Champagne for your wedding day? 

Now this will depend on your budget and the amount you think your guests are capable of drinking. Tip: Always buy too much, then too little. You can always see to the leftovers post-celebration to calculate how much champagne per person is needed.  

If you are purchasing for bigger numbers, you need to consider bulk prices, which opens you up to a better choice of champagne offers; including those that are better quality

This is where Threshers comes in. In 2021, the idea of big weddings is somewhat a thing of the past, for now, so making the most out of our great champagne bundles is ideal for smaller weddings this year.

How many bottles of Champagne do I need for my wedding day?

It is important to make sure that you have enough for all your guests, even if that means you may be left with a few bottles untouched. It is said that a bottle of Champagne will serve around five full pours, 7 decent pours and around 10 to 12 tasting sized pours. 

Calculating how many champagne bottles you need is quite tricky as it depends on how many guests you have, but also how much they tend to drink. Here's how to work it out:

  1. Most champagne bottles are 75cl (750ml)

  2. How many glasses of Champagne in a bottle? There are three types of champagne glasses, Champagne Coupe (18-24cl), Flute (15cl), and Tulips (39cl). The most popular is the Flute glass - so every bottle comes with 5 glasses.

  3. Approximately you need to plan 2 glasses per head - that means that 2 bottles serve 5 people

Champagne is usually served as the aperitif wine, and people will usually stick to one glass or possibly two if there is a great atmosphere going.

Can you buy Champagne online or do you need to test it? 

We may be a little bias here but we firmly believe that if you search for an online store that specialises in curating the best finds when it comes to bubbly and offers both value and quality, then you can’t go wrong. At Thresher’s we know what works, we know what tastes good, and we know how to create variety for our customers. So if you choose to order champagne online and shop with us, you can be sure of choosing bubbly that's a wonderful fit for you, your guests, and your wallet.