Why is gin so on-trend?

From sour cherry to basil infused and an array of eye-catching colours, gin is one drink that we never seem to tire of. So why do so many contemporary drinkers crave a gin and tonic, gin cocktail or one of the many new wave gins, on a Friday night when they're out on the town or off to a party?

Gin is seen to be really cool at the moment ! it's a hugely popular spirit

Gin, a juniper-based spirit, has been around for some time ! centuries in fact. In the past few years or so its popularity amongst recreational drinkers has surged.

Ask a good bartender why they think this is and they will probably say that, in part at least, it's down to a revived cocktail-drinking culture.

Gin has always been used and consumed in great quantities in mixed drinks and, therefore, has a long and sustained history in the cocktail world. But that's just the beginning of the story. With more and more exciting gin variations coming onto the market each year, it's now standing tall on its own.

Contemporary drinkers just love a gin

Gin is a very easy to understand and clean drink - unlike whisky for example. The recipe is clean cut and there is no ageing process involved, so modern consumers like it.

With distilleries putting their own unique twist and marketing edge on each new product they launch, it's perceived to be ethically produced, lovingly prepared, with each bottle appearing to be different to the next. In a sense each bottle of gin has its own unique story, and consumers find that intriguing!

Standing its ground and gaining in popularity across the world

With whisky less popular than it used to be, and things like tequila too quirky for some, gin has held its own in a highly competitive market, and continues to gain in popularity across the globe.

Mix it, have it neat or with a tonic...

So gin is definitely on-trend, in fact it never really went off-trend according to some of the industry's leading bloggers, distilleries and media. It's just that we seem to have fallen back in love with it! We are not getting bored of it, and with a huge choice and variety of brands at our fingertips, there's a gin out there for almost everyone!

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