What will be the 2022 trends for wines and spirits?

Strangely, even though we spent the majority of 2020 locked inside our homes, more and more of us grew even closer to the restaurants, bars, and brands that we loved in the past year. We took zoom classes with mixologists, spent "Friday nights in" with our favourite bottle of wine, and celebrated those small accomplishments with family and friends ordering bubbly online. 

Alcohol became an essential part of 2020 as we formed connections with the brands instead of just the tastes. With 2022 just around the corner, it's time to catch up with Threshers predictions from last year (to see how good we are) and take note of what's yet to come in the world of wines and spirits.

Traditional Gin Time

A "ginannaisance" is definitely upon us. From botanical garnishments, unusual flavours, local gins, and new locations, the gin trends of 2020 have offered us a way to explore a spirit dosed in heritage and history, alongside venturing into the unknown with some of the newest, most emerging trends.

There's no denying it; we are always on the lookout for new and exciting flavours; whether the excitement will last is another story. That's why as we approach the new year, many of us will be craving the classics. There is likely to be a bit of a boom when it comes to the traditional tastes that have longevity when it comes to standing the test of time in the world of gin. 

  • Keep a close eye on those brands that help to pimp the classics and give you an innovative twist on your favourite tastes. 

Conscious Picks For The Conscious Drinker

More and more of us will start to move away from the materialistic side when choosing a bottle; think less show, and more meaning. We will start steering more towards colours that will be mineral, earthy, or green as we go back to our roots. More brands will begin implementing sustainability into their business model from the ground up. This will be portrayed through the packaging to the ingredients and tell the story of the spirit's craftsmanship. 

  • Look out for those brands that link their values to the climate and the earth. 

Cocktail Crazy

By now, we're sure that most of you have some form of bar set up within your own homes. It's been that sort of year! This is why most of us may be swayed by the cocktail craze emerging as we step into 2021. And why not? Cocktails are super fun to make in the comfort of your own home! But when restrictions ease, the thought of indulging in a "real" Cosmopolitan made by a pro will be persuading many. The cocktail trend for 2021 will be few ingredients and understated garnished. It's all about the quality- of the liquid, the ice and the vessel.  

  • Expect recipes that show you how "less really is more" as minimalism is on the rise. Until then, why not get practicing with some of our favourite Christmas cocktails?

Whatever trend you choose to get on board within 2021, one thing is for sure, if it involves wine and spirits, you can rest assured that your year will be merry.