Thresher’s Top Picks: Beer Experts To follow

Looking for some beer expertise to make sure you are choosing your drafts or bottles wisely? Here are our top picks when it comes to beer experts who we think you need to know when it comes to getting ahead in the world of beer.


Roger Protz is one of the world's leading beer writers, historians, lecturers and tasters. He is the author of more than 20 books on the subject, including 300 Beers to Try Before You Die. So if you are looking to experiment, and explore the world of beer, then Roger is your guy.  A self-confessed fan of Belgian beer, Czech beer, German beer, many other beers & styles. But is counting down the days until 12th April, and tweeted that he will be drinking in solidarity with our British brewers, with a chosen pint of glorious Bitter.


Taking the beard out of beer, as she puts itself is Melissa Cole. Her passion in life is getting people to learn as little, or as much, as they want about what she considers the finest social lubricant known to humankind - beer. Melissa’s other passion is food. She is recognised as probably the UK’s leading expert in pairing and cooking with beer. Maybe not two things that you would put together, and that’s why Melissa has done the figuring out for us! She has spent years dedicated to figuring out which beers work in which dishes and why the unobvious can ultimately taste so good (which she regularly calls ‘making a whole series of disgusting mistakes, so you don’t have to’).


Matthew Curtis is the founder and chief editor of pelliclemag,com, an online magazine exploring beer, wine, food and travel cultures. But it doesn’t stop there, as he is also an award-winning writer and photographer, who is passionate about beer cultures. If you are looking to stay in the know about beer and the ever changing trends, Matthew is your guy!


Emma Inch is a freelance beer writer and podcaster based here in the UK. Emma contributes to numerous national and international publications. She is also the producer and presenter of Fermentation Beer & Brewing Radio so if you want to follow someone who can talk the talk about beer, Emma is a good one to add to the list.  She has even started a cool account on Patreon, that helps support the growth of content creators, and gain access to exclusive content whilst doing so.

As Thresher’s builds out its library of content around beer, we want to hear from you! What are some of your favourite beer brands? Which influencers are you following and what are your top beer questions? Let us know what content you want to consume when it comes to the topic of beer by tagging us on social or sending us a DM.