The Most Comprehensive List of Gin Cocktails

There are gin cocktails for everyone, from complex concoctions to simple yet effective combinations. Here are all the cocktails with gins you need to know about if you are a real gin fiend.

Gin & Tonic

This classic just requires the gin of your choice, a high quality tonic and a handful of ice, with a slice of lemon as the garnish to finish it all off.

Tom Collins

Take things up a notch with this most zesty of gin cocktails. Shake a double measure of gin with a measure of fresh lemon juice and 15ml of sugar syrup over ice, then strain this into a glass and add soda water to taste.

French 75

Arguably the classiest of the cocktails with gins on the planet, a French 75 is a straightforward combo that includes lemon juice, sugar syrup and champagne alongside the spirit.


Proving that citrus flavours go so well with gin time and again, to make a gimlet you just need to match a measure of gin with the same amount of lime cordial and 15ml of lime juice. Shake all of this over ice and strain the results into a cocktail glass.


A fruitier entry into our ultimate list of gin cocktails, you will need to pair a double shot of gin with 20ml of sugar syrup, the same again of lemon juice and 10ml of crème de mure. Give all this a good shake with ice to cool it down, then pour and top with seasonally-suitable berries.


Hailing all the way from Italy, you simply need to fill a glass with ice then pour over a shot of gin, followed by equal measures of vermouth and Campari. A zested orange will finish this most wonderful of gin cocktails with true style.


Forget any instructions for making a martini you may have learned from fictional British spies; the best option is to pair a double measure of gin with as much vermouth as you can handle and stir this slowly to let the two ingredients intermingle without involving any shaking in the process. A garnish of an olive or a pickled onion would not go amiss here either.

Fog Cutter

If you are looking for a big, boozy option amongst our cocktails with gins, this is the top contender. It involves equal measures of gin, brandy and rum, a 5ml dash of sherry, 40ml of orange juice and half that of lemon juice. Add even more sweetness with 15ml of almond syrup and you will have something truly memorable on your hands.


To make this gin-based equivalent of the mojito, you just need to shake a double measure of gin with 20ml of lime juice and 15ml of sugar syrup, not forgetting to add around 8 mint leaves to the mix so that the fresh flavour can be imparted to the liquid.

Sloe Gin Fizz

Seen as more of an autumnal gin cocktail, this requires a sloe gin rather than a standard London dry gin. Shake this with 20ml of lemon juice, a similar amount of sugar syrup and the white of a single egg, remembering not to include ice. A sprig of rosemary makes a fine garnish for this frothy, fun drink.

In The Weeds

A double measure of gin, a single of yellow chartreuse and a half measure each of lime and lemon juice is the foundation of this summery cocktail. The secret ingredient is tarragon tea syrup, which is made in much the same way as simple sugar syrup, but with half the sugar substituted for fresh tarragon leaves.

Village Bicycle

The saucy name of this drink is appropriate as it requires a few spicy ingredients, including a kaffir lime leaf, 30ml of lemon juice and the same of ginger, as well as a measure of lychee juice if available. Like other gin cocktails, the spirit is added alongside dry vermouth to taste.

Cranberry Gin Cocktail

Choose a London dry gin for this, in combination with a measure of cranberry hibiscus syrup that consists of fresh cranberries and hibiscus flowers heated in a pan with half a litre of water and half a kilo of white sugar. 15ml of lemon juice will take away some of the sweetness, while topping it all up with champagne makes it a real treat.

Across The Pond

Opt for a juniper-heavy gin for this American cocktail, matched with a measure of ginger liquer, 15ml of lemon syrup, 25ml of lemon juice and a dash of soda water. Once this is all shaken over ice, add it to an ice-filled glass and pop a cherry on top if you are feeling feisty.

Tea Thyme

For pun fans as much as for fans of cocktails with gins in, this light and lovely drink relies on 25ml of lemon juice, 10ml of Suze liqueur, a measure of cherry liqueur, a half measure of orange liqueur and a shot of gin. Without a spring of lime as the garnish, along with a slice of lemon, this cocktail would not be complete.

Lavender & Lemon

A softer herbal hit combines nicely with the classic lemon-influenced gin cocktails here. You just need to add lavender sprigs when making a simple sugar syrup, then include around 10ml of this with 15ml of lemon juice and a healthy double measure of an especially botanical gin.

Cucumber & Rosemary G&T

If you are tired of the same old G&T recipe, why not change things with this cocktail recipe. You just need to use a peeler to create ribbons of juicy cucumber, then add some muddled rosemary sprigs to seal the deal. Adventurous gin fans can even try a slice of radish in this vibrant G&T if they want.

Blueberry Gin Sour

Give your tongue a run for its money with this zingy gin cocktail. First you will need to muddle a handful of fresh blueberries with 15ml of lemon juice and the same of sugar syrup. Then set this to one side and shake a double measure of gin with egg white. Strain the fruit mix and add it to the gin, then top up with ice, shake and strain again.

Seventh Heaven

Head back to the art deco era with this retro addition to our line up of gin cocktails. All you need is a double measure of gin, 30ml of grapefruit juice and 15ml of cherry liqueur. This is best served shaken over ice, then strained into a glass you have been chilling.

Apple Bees Knees

A good 60ml sloshing of seriously sumptuous gin is required for this cocktail, along with 30ml of apple juice, the same of honey-infused sugar syrup and a garnish that consists of both sliced apple and rosemary sprigs.

Gin Basil Smash

If you have a lonely basil plant sitting on a windowsill at home, give it some purpose by including its leaves in this gin cocktail! All you need to do is muddle a handful of leaves with 30ml of lemon juice and 15ml of sugar syrup, then add a double measure of gin and plenty of ice before shaking and straining. Garnish with any leftover basil leaves.

Fleur Collins

The main difference between this and the classic Tom Collins is that it includes 15ml of crème de violette liqueur, giving it an intriguing colour as well as a unique flavour profile not found elsewhere.

The Red Queen

Taking its title from the monarch who harasses Alice on her adventure through Wonderland, you will need 100ml of cranberry juice, a double shot of gin, 40ml of elderflower liqueur and 30ml of lemon juice. Once these are all mixed, shaken and strained, top it off with two or three fresh cranberries.

Pomegranate Gin Fizz

Truly one of the most entertaining gin cocktails, you will need to blend the seeds of a single pomegranate and strain them to remove the pulp, then add 15ml of lime juice and 60ml of gin to the resultant juice along with ice cubes before stirring and enjoying.

Ginny Aperol Spritz

Acolytes of the Aperol Spritz will find a lot to like through the addition of gin to the cocktail. You will need 75ml of prosecco, 50ml of Aperol, a measure of gin and a slice of orange to make this cocktail. Topping it up with soda water is more than acceptable if you want a longer drink.

Strawberry Gin Daiquiri

To make what is effectively summer in a glass, blend 250g of strawberries along with a couple of handfuls of ice and a double shot of gin. Add lime juice and keep the blender running until the concoction has reached your preferred consistency, then pour and place half a strawberry on top to finish.

Fig Sour

Take your gin cocktail repertoire in a new direction with this option that involves shaking 15g of fig jam with 25ml of lemon juice, 40ml of gin, 25ml of sweet fortified wine, the white of an egg and a couple of hits of bitters. Strain this twice to get it fizzing an appropriate amount.


Fly high with this cocktail that relies on a measure of gin being shaken alongside 10ml of cherry liqueur, the same of violette liqueur and 15ml of lemon juice. A cherry garnish makes a lot of sense in this context as well.

Clover Club

Join the club by shaking 40ml of gin with 15ml of lemon juice and the same of dry vermouth. Make a simple syrup with fresh raspberries and add this as well to bring sweetness as well as a little fruity tang to bear on the cocktail.

Lemon Verbena Gimlet

A twist on the traditional Gimlet, to make this you need a lemon-infused simple syrup that includes verbena leaves to add a kick. This can be combined with two shots of gin, the same of soda water and the juice of half a lime in an ice-filled glass. A little stir is all you need to awaken the flavours.