The 3 Most luxurious Gins In The World

Ready to read up on Ginnovation? That’s right when we are discussing the world’s most luxury gin’s, it’s safe to say there is a fair bit of spirit science, creativity, and flair that goes into the mix. The gin industry is overly saturated, so much so that it’s common to see the same botanicals being passed off with a unique twist. When not much has changed but the branding, packaging, and unique “story” that the marketers are asking the customer to buy into. 

That's why we think it's time we supplied you with a curated guide to the inaccessible, outrageously developed, sometimes overly priced, and one-of-a-kind gins. 

So let’s head to the heavens with the first bottle.

“The Japanese Angel”

This lavish little number has been distilled at half the pressure found on top of Mount Everest and at a temperature lower than the coldest ever day at the South Pole. Yes, you heard us right… Still, the distillery manages to preserve what could have been lost to evaporation and successfully creates the gin all other distillers could only dream of. 

What can you expect? A complex, intense and expensive gin, symbolising an expression of refined elegance that has previously been the preserve of the finest single malts and significantly aged cognacs. Imagine sweet citrus and spice notes, supported by bitter juniper and an incredibly long, delicious finish.

Did you know? Only six bottles of Watenshi are produced in each batch: presented in a hand-blown decanter bottle and finished with silver elements by a jeweller whose other clients include Chanel, Tom Ford, and De Beers.

Truffle Gin

It may seem a little cliche, but there is no getting past the fact that truffle oozes luxury. Combine it with gin, and we have ourselves a tasty winner! White truffle from Alba in Piedmont is the quintessential ingredient here. The way it’s been distilled means that it has captured the full essence and flavour of truffle. Experts say that this gin isn’t made for tonic – it’s made to be sipped neat, over ice with a twist of orange rind. And we trust the experts as we can’t say this is a gin that is currently sitting in our drinks cabinet...however, we are ready to sip what sounds like pure gold if we are ever so lucky. 


A rebel of the gin family? Or liquid made from ants? You will be shocked to hear the latter. And what’s even more surprising is this is classed as a luxurious gin. 

From Cambridge Distillery, in collaboration with the Nordic Food Lab, the Anty Gin was born. No, it’s not a joke. This expensive gin is actually produced with real ants from the forests of Kent. Each bottle of gin is made with the essence of approximately 62 wood ants, along with juniper, wood avens, nettle, and Alexander's seeds to complement the flavour of the insect.

Did you know? Ants have somewhat of a citrusy element to them? Which surprisingly jumps out quite vibrantly on the palate. It doesn’t stop there either, as each bottle is equipped with a 5cl dropper bottle of pure ant distillate.

“The result is a spectacular, one-of-a-kind gin that is being very well received worldwide,” he said. “People are astounded at how good it tastes. It’s expensive because it is so labour intensive – Anty Gin was almost a year in the making,” revealed Lowe, British distiller. -source Luxury Safe.

Whether you love experimenting with new gin flavours or want to purchase one of the world’s most luxurious gins as a gift, we hope our guide has served as a little entertainment during lockdown. Ready to purchase? Browse our selection of premium gins to find your next favourite or carry on dreaming with our guide to the world’s most expensive gins.