How To Drink Differently This Lockdown

Let's face it, dry January was pretty much off the cards for most this year, and to be honest, it was never really an option for the Thresher's team. We love, live, and drink the brands that we carry. However, the new year may have encouraged some of you to change your habits and drink a little differently, and we respect that!

With us all bunkering down for lockdown 3.0, you may want to pick up the new year's resolutions in March...that's when the "New You" really kicks in during 2021 right?!

Until then, we have curated some trending options that will make you feel less guilty about consuming the good stuff and instead feel as though you are making better options, impacting both the local economy and your health (in some cases, not all). 

Have we got your attention? Okay, great. Let's dive in. 


It seems as though a fair few of you are opting for veganuary instead of dry January... a whopping 500,000 in fact signed up 2021; meaning that more and more of you will be taking extra time to read those ingredients labels. Let's face it; being a vegan is not as simple as being a vegetarian. The cheese swapping for soy and the burgers for plant-based options are somewhat easy, but it's things like choosing vegan wines that make it a little more challenging.

Yes, you heard us right; some wines are not vegan! But don't fret, we've done the hard work for you and selected a tasty vegan wine so you can click and order seamlessly without having to worry about breaking your veganuary commitments. 

Low Calorie

Glorious Christmas food combined with another lockdown introduction may encourage a fair few of us to choose a lighter option during our next virtual happy hour with our colleagues or even that 4pm living room cocktail. 

If you’re wondering what the best liquor options are for dieting, then vodka should be on your radar. Vodka is typically around 100 calories a shot. It’s lighter than most liquors and pairs excellently with low or no-calorie mixing alternatives like seltzer and club.

Why not Spruce up the winter blues with a refreshing summer splash cocktail?

  • Pair this vodka with no-calorie soda water, fresh herbs like mint and basil, a splash of lime juice, and agave nectar instead of sugar for this cool-down sipper.

Choose Local 

You don't need us to tell you that shopping local matters. Local businesses are at the heart of our communities, and in challenging times like these, shopping local truly matters. That's why we choose to stock local brands, providing them with a platform to share their story with our customers. 

Consider this for a moment: The UK has one of the most incredible drinks industries in the world. The variety is simply phenomenal.With raw materials mainly consisting of water and local farm produce - grains and fruits - it’s generally a highly sustainable industry, yet drinks are among our top three import categories.

Of all the things we might choose to localise, this must be one of the most beneficial and simple things to do. And once again, you can trust us to do the hard work for you and serve you up a range of local brands to choose from.  Follow us on social media to see which local companies we are highlighting as we move from one week to the next.

Ready to start drinking differently in this lockdown? Why not let us know which drinking trend you are opting for this month by sharing your image with us on instagram @threshers.