Home Bar Cart Essentials

We may be able to say farewell to forced alfresco drinking, but that doesn't mean we are ready to wave goodbye to home entertaining. Here are 5 top tips for styling your home bar cart so that it sees you through the summer season and fulfills the needs of not only yourself but also your merry guests who visit. 

We don't need to state the obvious. Of course, your bar cart should be doused in a variety of liquors, great spirits, and unique bottles of vino to keep the impromptu happy hour flowing or the dinner party vibing...but how you style and decorate your cart is just as important. We've pulled together our favorite bar cart ideas and inspiration to show you the best ways to put your liquor on show! 


Practical doesn't have to mean boring.

Where will most of your guests be likely to gather? Are they the patio style or the dining room sort? Consider functionality when choosing your cart. What type of bottles will you be showcasing? Where will the cart be on display, and how will you be using it? Is it more of a showcase piece, or are you going to want to get up close and personal with your mixology tools as you craft up the perfect dirty martini? There is a type of cart for all drinking types; you just need to know your purpose before shopping around for the cart of your choice. 


Don't be lazy on the essentials.

Prep your space and make sure you are stocked up with more than just the alcohol. What will you need to make your drinks on the spot? Always be ready with a bowl of lemons and limes, and keep a small chopping board, knife, and squeezer on the cart so you can refresh drinks without missing out on the party.


Add a little life to your cart.

Every bar cart needs something living, and with all of the eco-friendly brands and botanical style cocktails trending on social, it would be rude not to acknowledge the trend on your cart. A potted succulent (real or fake), some cascading houseplants, or a bunch of fresh flowers will lift your spirits and throw a different kind of twist into all that glass. 


Accessorise your cart

It's time to accessorise and make your cart look like a piece we would all want to gather around for that pre-party cocktail. And you don't have to break the bank when decking out your staple piece. Be thrifty and nimble and consider second-hand showstoppers to serve as the talking point? Why go for a plain stainless steel bottle opener when you could have a marble and gold pineapple-shaped one instead? Colorful mixing shakers also make a nice touch, as do some metal straws and ornate garlands. Could you even ramp up the professional arty look by stacking up a few of your favorite cocktail recipe books? All of these accessories serve as a great topic of conversation for your guests who were not so lucky to bring a +1.


Have a little something for everyone. 

You may be a red wine vixen or love the thought of a simple old-fashioned, but no matter what you go to, make sure you have something stocked up for various tastes. Here's our virtual bar cart and essentials list to help you bring your bar cart to life. 


We look forward to seeing your bar cart creations! Why not tag us in your pictures and we will feature you on our social media! @threshersonline