Celebrate In Style With Threshers

Don’t fear, the champagne shortage is not here. Not at Threshers anyway. We have you covered with a selection of bubbly that will suit all tastes. Keep the festive feeling flowing with our range of offers, and a few choice facts about the bubbly stuff. As we ring in the new year, you can look knowledgeable rather than just tipsy when you drain your flute.

The who’s who of champagne drinking

  • Winston Churchill was one of the biggest Champagne drinkers on record. Between 1908 and 1965 he drank an estimated 42,000 bottles. Pol Roger even made him a special one-pint bottle that was served to him every day at precisely 11 a.m.
  • We think it must be a British thing because Queen Victoria’s drink of choice was also Champagne, specifically Perrier-Jouet. 

Now we may not be able to offer you what the names of the past were drinking, but we can serve up a perfect bottle of fizz that’s fit for the holidays, and budget-friendly. 

Why not choose something light, refreshing, and affordable from our selected deal?

The Bubbly Nature Of The UK

  • The U.K is high on the list of bubbly consumption. The United Kingdom ranks in 4th place with 0.45 litres per person — behind only Switzerland, Belgium, and France.

What better way to keep us at the top of the list when it comes to choosing sparkling wine made in the UK. It may not be champagne, but it is a perfect sparkling wine that pairs deliciously with party food and leaves you with that bubbly feeling.

Even 007 Chooses Champagne

  • Did you know James Bond has been spotted drinking Champagne more than 35 times in his films? It’s the drink he reaches for more than any other. And when it comes to labels, Bond prefers Bollingers. The brand has specifically been shown in 14 of his flicks.

Have your own James Bond moment with our special offer on Bollinger. It’s described as full and expressive; worth every pound. And with a whopping £35 saving, it’s an excellent choice to ring in the new year. Apricot, almond, and hazelnut, followed by notes of honey and cereals mixed in a combination of aromas. You will become fancy just drinking it!

Whatever your choice of bubbly over the holidays, you can be sure, if you order through Threshers, you will be saving. Happy New Year to you all.