Best Hangover cures to help you prep for the long weekend.

Social lives are slowly starting to pick up, and what seemed like a world lost in translation is gradually getting back to normal. But with that comes something that may feel like a thing of the past….hangovers.

Not only are we all prepping for the long weekend full of meetups and social distancing catch-ups, but be prepared for some pressing headaches that follow a full day of drinking. The thing is, when a bank holiday weekend is on the horizon in a post-lockdown era, you have to sip  it up and crack on with the Saturday and Sunday drinking sessions that follow after a Friday night bender….no whining, no complaining, just ole fashioned bank holiday style fun!

But just in case you are feeling fragile at the thought of an all nighter. Here are some tips:

  • A dirty fry Up – Carbs, fat, protein, it can help boost blood sugar and combat toxins.
  • Vitamins – A hangover is a sign of dehydration and depleted vitamins so get rebalanced,and re-energised to kick off the rest of the weekend
  • Water – You don’t need us to tell you.That headache is another sign you are dehydrated. Rehydrate.
  • Sleep – Simple. Get That afternoon nap in. 
  • Caffeine – Although it will help, it’s only short term. 
  • Fruit Juice – A quick way to get those precious vitamins and blood sugars back up.
  • Self-pity – Go on, you’ve earned it. It’s definitely a duvet kind of day.
  • Personal Cure – Everyone has their own favourite cure. Garlic and ice cream?

If all else fails there’s always Hair of the dog? Now it’s not been proven but here are our Threshers picks when it comes to killing a hangover:

The Silver Fizz

How it will help: The egg white in the silver fizz provides the protein you need to feel like not necessarily like the hulk, but definitely a human again; plus, it's super refreshing and citrusy. A good Gin is key in this glass of fizz. See our full collection of Gins, which can be delivered straight to your door.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

How it will help: The tomato juice provides your body with potassium, while the Worcestershire and Tabasco jolt your system into functioning again, just don't forget the Vodka.

However and whatever you choose to drink this bank holiday, try to remember to do it responsibly, and of course with a smile on your face.