10 Bizarre Alcohol Combinations That Actually Taste Great

Ditch ‘normal’, it’s time to embrace the weird and wonderful world of bizarre alcohol combinations. Sticking with the same boring blends is SO last year… Here are some creative mash-ups, if you’re feeling adventurous.

1) Loaded Corans 

For when a cold Corona just isn’t enough. A loaded Corna is perfect when you fancy a little extra, and some more… Just add a shot of Lemon-flavoured vodka, or if you prefer, a shot of tequila or rum. A little bit of zest to a lovely summer's day.

2) Red Wine and Coca-Cola?!

A soft drink… With a side of wine, anyone? This drink is bound to shock your taste buds with how well a big, bold, oaky red wine blends with Coke. 

Did you know, this drink is a typical favourite in Spain and is actually called Kalimotxo?

3) Pineapple Juice, Vodka and Melon

Looking for a tropical punch? We’ve got you. This drink is the perfect refresher and goes down a treat! It also makes you feel warm, but that could be down to the alcohol percentage. Need to stock up your vodka cabinet? We’ve got a variety for you to choose from.

4) Baileys and Hot Chocolate 

We may have said goodbye to the colder months (hopefully), but that doesn’t mean we need to say goodbye to this fave. Perfect for an evening tipple in front of the summer fire, coupled with your go-to biscuit. Why not spice it up with the limited-edition Baileys?

5) Malibu and Chocolate Milk 

Mixing your favourite childhood drink, with your favourite adult beverage? Ditch the hesitation and try this combination. It tastes like a chocolate milkshake with a hint of coconut. It definitely won’t disappoint.

6) Lemon Vodka and Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur 

Sounds a little odd, right? Well if you just love your birthday, for the simple fact you get cake, then this is for you! Tasting just like a slice of chocolate cake, you don’t need to wait for your birthday anymore.

7) Chamomile Tea and Tequila

Calling all tea lovers! Your go-to hot beverage just levelled up. Add a little shot of tequila to your tea this Friday night, you won’t regret it. Well… maybe, haha. 

And whilst you're at it,  you might as well treat yourself to our new KAH Reposado Tequila. 

8) Cinnamon Schnapps and Hard Cider

Wonderfully weird, and it has a kick. Mixing these two traditional choices together is a great idea, if you can handle the punch. Don’t be fooled by its apple pie taste, it will get you!

9) Cider and Champagne

Out with the old, in with the new. Cider and champagne is the new kid on the block. A hardcore, strengthened version of Bucks Fizz, combing apple cider and champagne, the perfect compliments, with the fruitiness of the cider counteracting the dryness of the champagne.

10) Jagermeister and Ginger Beer

Let’s end with what will be, your new summer fave. Jagermeister can sometimes (depending on your tolerance 😉) be slightly overpowering in some combinations. But, ginger beer can definitely hold its own. This combo is a must-try, especially through warmer months!

Do you have some weird and wonderful combinations? Tag us in your creations and follow us @threshersonline for daily inspiration and recipe guides.