Father’s Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day fast approaching, we’ve put together the perfect gift guide to help you find the ideal tipple for dad. We’ve shortlisted some of our favourite father figures below to help inspire you to find your Dad's perfect drink!

David Beckham 

David Beckham is a British icon. Not only is he a father to four children, but he’s also a man of many talents, previously a football player for Manchester United and England, now an owner of his own football club, and co-owns Scotch Whiskey, Haig Club, with Diageo. 

Beckham’s favourite type of whiskey from his brand is Haig Club Clubman Single Grain Scotch Whiskey. This is a light and sweet grain whiskey, with flavours of sweet toffee, popcorn, coconut, and butterscotch with some citrus notes and some apple freshness. 

The Haig Club Whiskey also comes in a super cool bottle making it a suitable addition to jazz up any bar set up, making this the perfect whiskey for any dad who loves to show-off!

A Perfect Match For: the adventurous, likeable, go-getter Dad who always seems to be the life and soul of the party

Prince Charles

For the dads who have a taste for something more botanical, a crisp gin and tonic (much loved by Prince Charles) is a great way to celebrate the end of a hard working day or a special occasion. 

As one of the most popular drinks of the 20’s, gin is a staple on every kitchen drinks trolley. Hendrick’s is notorious for its smooth quality, featuring a curious taste from its infusions of cucumber and rose to create a uniquely balanced flavour. Finish your Hendrick’s gin with Schweppes Indian Tonic Water and fresh cucumber for the ultimate crisp gin and tonic.

A Perfect Match For: Dads who love all things classic and gravitate towards a tried and true favourite.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson 

Did you know that The Rock loves a fine tequila? We’ve done our research and Johnson says there’s nothing quite like a tequila cocktail to get you through the week…we can’t disagree! 

What makes a fine tequila so special is that it’s 100% Agave, which makes the taste of your tequila exceptionally smooth. If you’re looking to treat dad to something really special, the discontinued (and therefore very hard to get hold of!) Cafe Patrón XO is a perfect choice. 

A Perfect Match For: the bold, fun-loving Dad who will always find a reason to celebrate the end of the week with a good drink. 

Ryan Reynolds


We all know Ryan Reynolds to be quite the comedian. Last Father’s Day, Reynolds taught the internet how to create your very own at-home‘ Vasectomy Cocktail’ using his own brand, Aviation Gin. The ‘Vasectomy’ sarcastically represents how ‘refreshing’ fatherhood is in a promotional video for the gin. Haven’t seen it? Get ready to laugh and watch the full video here. 

Aviation is the perfect choice for a gin newbie and great in cocktails, being far less floral in flavour than many other gins. 

When he’s not busy making cocktails, Reynolds loves to drink his Aviation Gin combined with soda and a little lime… give it a go and let us know what you think! 

A Perfect Match For: the comedic Dad who always seems to be a favourite at family gatherings, even with his “Dad” jokes. 

Matthew McConaughey 

Matthew McConaughey loves to keep his drinks simple, enjoying a good Bourbon to end the day. McConaughey has fond memories of Bourbon being his father’s drink of choice, meaning Bourbon has been part of McConaughey’s life for a long time. 

McConaughey now works with Longbranch Bourbon to create great tasting products such as Wild Turkey 101 Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This whiskey is an explosion of vanilla and caramel, with hints of honey and orange. 

Drink Wild Turkey straight or on the rocks to fully appreciate the flavour. If you prefer a more casual drinking experience though, we recommend that you drink with soda water or ginger ale.

A Perfect Match For: the adventurous, family man Dad who always has a great story to tell. 

If spirits aren't his thing, why not browse the rest of the Threshers site and treat Dad to his favourite beer, ciderwine or whisky. There are loads to choose from and whatever you choose, it's bound to be better than another pair of socks! 

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