Wine and Cheese Pairing Guide

Let's face it, there's nothing else we would rather wash cheese down with than wine. 

Cheese and wine have been one of many faultless foods and drink pairings that have been around long enough for you to mature your own stilton and ferment your own wine 10 times over. 

There's just something special about getting the cheeseboard out, hosting an evening with friends, and celebrating the good things in life with a glass of your favourite wine and cheese. It could be you like both but haven't yet found your match, or you may even be a beginner that has never experienced the magical flavours of good cheese and wine before. If any of the above sounds familiar, then this is the perfect cheese and wine guide for you.

White Wine

White wines such as Chardonnay are typically dry, medium to full-bodied wines with moderate acidity. The fruitiness of chardonnay is mild and subtle, and the fruitiness can vary slightly depending on the climate in which the grapes were grown.

This uncomplicated choice of white wine is the perfect match for creamy Camembert,  Brie, and other soft surface-ripened cheeses. 

Threshers recommends the following white wines -

Sparkling Wines 

If you prefer sparkling wine or are just a fan of a good glass of bubbly, then we recommend you try a soft delicate cheese such as swiss Gruyère, a mild Gouda, or an aromatic and slightly sweet Emmental cheese.

The mildness and creaminess of swiss and Emmental cheeses complement the higher acidity and sharp bubbles in champagne. 

Why not order in one of our suggested bottles of sparkling wine and add the recommended cheeses to your shopping list.

Rose Wines 

When pairing rose with cheese it's important to look for flavours that will complement the acidity and subtle fruity flavours in a glass of typical rose wine. 

Popular pairings with Rose include salty feta, mozzarella, parmesan, and goat's cheese. Feta and Goat's cheese has a tendency to be slightly tangy and acidic, whilst the others are soft and delicate.

Red Wines 

Go bold with red wine and strong and funky cheeses. Heavier wines will totally overpower softer milder cheeses and are best to be enjoyed with stronger flavours.

Stilton, vintage mature cheddar, and blue cheeses are usually a top choice for pairing with a bottle of red.

Of course, there's no right or wrong way to enjoy cheese and wine. The best way to discover the perfect pairings is to experiment with flavours and find what you enjoy best. With the help of this guide you could unlock the ultimate pairings that will leave you the master of cheese and wine nights, upgrading you to the best party host in no time.