Easter Pairings

No matter what type of feast you are cooking up, there is always a bottle of vino to pair it with. We have the perfect wine for you, whether you're cooking ham, lamb, fish, or veggies this Easter. Here, we have some quick and simple tips to help you get your pairings right.  

Pairing with Lamb

Try this wine: Bordeaux

Whether you're serving rack of lamb, lamb roast or leg of lamb, you can't go wrong with red wine.

What you're looking for in your wine: Medium to full body, some tannins and acidity. Match spicy preparations with spicy reds and lighter flavors with lighter reds.


Pairing with Fatty Fish

Try these wines: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir

What you're looking for in your wine: Medium to full-bodied whites for rich salmon, light tannins in reds

More experienced wine drinkers might consider the old rule of pairing fish with white wine outdated, but it's still a good starting point when you're looking for wines to pair with salmon.

Salmon is a rich and fatty fellow that needs some wine with some weight to keep it in check. That's Chardonnay. That's a safe choice. If you're going for a creamy salmon dish, pair it with Californian Chardonnay. Its high acidity and full body is perfect for the heavy sauce and rich fish.


Pairing with Vegetables

Try this wines: Sauvignon Blanc

What you're looking for in your wine: Medium-bodied reds for roasted veggies, lighter wines for fresher veggie dishes

For veggies, match the food's personality with the wine's personality, e.g. creamy veggies with rich whites, spiced roasted veggies with medium-bodied reds. Try a medium-bodied red wine if you're substituting a typical Easter meat dish with a roasted vegetable dish, especially if your veggie dish is tomato-based or spiced.


See, whatever you opt for this Easter Sunday, rest assured there is a bottle for you. And for those of us who are skipping straight to dessert, don’t overlook the perfect pairing of bubbly and chocolate eggs. A perfect friendship for a big kid with an extra sweet tooth!