Employee Gifts, Secret Santa Ideas & more

The festive season is nearly upon us! And we’re not just talking about Christmas. As we head into one of the biggest gifting seasons, we can’t forget about the businesses with their Secret Santa and purchasing gifts for their employees. These fun-filled gifts are perfect for enhancing personal connections and affirming business relationships. The only time where work and play can mix. So why not give the gift of booze this season?

Choosing a boozy gift for employees and colleagues helps to embody the holiday spirit and of course, increases the level of happiness in the workplace. Let’s face it, the festive season can be a little intense and stressful when it comes to family engagements, so this is your chance to ease the mood and put smiles on your team’s faces. Depending on the chosen gift this can last for months or be drunk all in one sitting. Providing the opportunity to give a beverage that can be consumed at their own pace, wherever they want. 

It’s all well and good talking about a boozy gift but what happens when you have to purchase it? From individual alcoholic drinks, alcoholic miniatures, and alcoholic gift boxes, we’re sure that we have the perfect boozy gift for you or a friend. 

Unique Gifts, Suitable For A Range Of Personalities. 

If you are not sure what alcohol someone likes, why not give them an alcoholic variety set? 

Our Niche Cocktail Variety Pack combines rum, vodka, gin, and whisky into premium cocktails, made from all-natural ingredients. So they are bound to find the perfect cocktail that appeases their taste buds. Or why not take a look at our Heavens Door Trilogy Set - a gift set of three whiskeys that are smooth, spiced and youthful. The perfect gift for those who want to widen their palette. 

Know their go-to beverage but want to add a little extra - take a look at exclusive gift boxes and glass gift sets. Why not take a look at our

Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne Paris Gift Box. An elegant champagne combining strength and silkiness with notes of vanilla and brioche. A great dinner piece, topped off with a Paris magnet, pointing you to the city of romance. 

Or why not look at Warners Rhubarb Gin Copa Glass Gift Pack - the world’s first rhubarb gin made from 100% natural ingredients and a lot of rhubarb juice! Combining the intense complexity of rhubarb, with peppery spice and sweet orange finish. Perfect for any gin lover, with an exclusive Warners gin glass, so they can drink in the ultimate style.

Buy your gifts in bulk, stay ahead of the gifting frenzy

We all know the gifting frenzy when Black Friday deals start and we start buying our gifts for the festive period. So stay ahead of this by bulking your boozy gifts in bulk. Whether you're bulk buying for office parties or at home celebrations, it’s often cheaper and eco-friendly buying this way. Reducing unnecessary packaging from repeated purchases while ensuring you only buy what you need, reducing overall spend. 

Here at Threshers, we offer a 25% discount when you buy 6 or more wines. This means that when you have made your selections, you make an average saving of £20. We also offer a range of seasonal discounts on our other alcoholic ranges, that can further reduce your overall purchase total. So keep an eye out with Black Friday just around the corner, because our savings could mean the difference between that ultimate Christmas yule log or the standard store version...

Why choose Threshers for your gifting needs

If you're looking for boozy gifts this season, we have got you covered. We are a digital liquor store, with a large selection of alcoholic beverages. Yes, you heard that right, whilst we are well known for our wines, we offer other spirits, like whisky and champagne. So if the products in this blog don't take your fancy, why not take a look at our website.

Worried about delivery? Don’t be. If you have a large order to place, we also offer free delivery for purchases over £100. And if you make your order before 12 pm, subject to availability, we have next working day delivery - so your gift is certain to reach them at the right time.