Threshers Valentine Collaboration With Cocktail Mixologist Jean-Vital

Mixologists are the rockstars of the cocktail scene, creating stunning concoctions that are both delicious to drink and easy on the eye. Jean-Vital is one of the leading figures in modern mixology, commanding an avid following on social media thanks to his ability to come up with unique cocktail concepts and present them in an alluring and original way.

Jean-Vital isn't just a gifted amateur; he's a full-time master of mixology who runs Disrepute, a trendy member's bar located in London's fashionable Soho. It's no surprise that he consistently wows the world with breathtaking new beverages using the highest quality ingredients around.

From dark chocolate-rimmed glasses brimming with Remy Martin, Aperol, coconut syrup and lime juice to floral offerings which combine gin, Riesling, sherry, elderflower cordial and a garnish of edible pansies, Jean-Vital's Instagram feed is awash with inspirational offerings. What's most impressive is that he shares his recipes and methods with the world, rather than keeping them to himself.

The snaps he takes of each cocktail are simply stunning, with liberal use of depth of field effects and clever shot competition working together to grab the attention of anyone scrolling through their social media feed. It is this kind of attention to detail that makes all the difference when it comes to standing out from the crowd.

Powerful Partnership

valentine collaboration ciroc red berry cocktail valentine collaboration

Threshers decided to partner with Jean-Vital in order to harness his expertise and come up with a cocktail that's perfect for kick-starting the New Year and ushering in the spring. The result is Thresh As A Daisy, a drink designed for Valentine's Day that is intriguing enough to gain traction on social media and help increase brand awareness amongst Threshers' target audience.

With a new site and a social media presence of its own to develop, Threshers was keen to work alongside one of the established personalities in Instagram cocktail creation. Jean-Vital was ideally positioned to take this brief and run with it, not only crafting a bespoke recipe using ingredients available from the Threshers online store, but also snapping high quality photos of the finished product to be shared online via a range of platforms.

Drawing attention to a particular product can be tricky, but this collaboration made it possible to highlight the range of spirits available on the recently revamped Threshers e-commerce store. In this case the core ingredient of the cocktail was Ciroc Red Berry vodka, an appropriately prestigious branded product in its own right which worked will with the desired theme. Evoking the passion and personality of Valentine's Day while also signalling the vibrancy of spring, this drink is a pitch perfect twist on a cocktail classic that is still simple enough for anyone to make at home.

Thematic Links

Jean-Vital put his expertise into action and conjured up Thresh As A Daisy which not only factored in elements of the spring theme, but was also designed to tie in with Valentine's Day so as to gain traction through seasonally appropriate promotions.

The custom cocktail recipe includes Ciroc Red Berry vodka alongside Luxardo Maraschino cherry liqueur, lemon juice and pineapple syrup. The funkiness and fun of the drink was enhanced thanks to the finishing touches of free range egg white foam, fresh blackberries and nitro dried fruits used as a garnish.

In the social media sphere, presentation is incredibly important. The professional images of the cocktail that Jean-Vital supplied as part of the partnership provided pixel-perfect presentation and gave Threshers a means to market the collaboration far and wide without having to handle this in-house. This is a perfect example of how influencer marketing can be mutually beneficial for brands and creators alike, with the strengths of each party being put to effective use.

Extensive Reach

Established on Instagram via his @cocktail_circus account, Jean-Vital was able to participate in the promotion of Thresh As A Daisy to his own army of followers. With more than 67,000 people receiving his posts in their Insta feeds, Jean-Vital is a respected and influential member of the professional mixologist community. This ensured that the visibility of the campaign was optimised thanks to the careful planning which went into the partnership.

As well as Threshers benefitting from the boost in visibility and brand recognition afforded by appearing on a key influencer's Instagram feed, the Thresh as a Daisy cocktail was also posted across a range of other social channels. This includes the fledgling @threshersonline account, which was used to encourage followers to send in their own attempts to construct this cocktail and use the #ThreshAsADaisy hashtag to engage and share. Turning content into an actionable, sharable campaign is a great way of increasing its reach and certainly makes sense in the context of a time-sensitive promotion like this one.

The invention of Thresh As A Daisy also provided the opportunity to integrate this drink into a guest post focusing on the best cocktails to make for Valentine's Day. With so much interest and traffic generated in the run-up to the 14th of February, being able to leverage the spike in related searches to build momentum behind a brand is eminently sensible.

Future Prospects

Talented individuals like Jean-Vital will continue to shape the digital marketing ecosystem going forwards since collaborations with brands like Threshers clearly deliver excellent results. The targeted nature of the collaboration, which can continue to be shared and disseminated year after year when Valentine's Day rolls around again, will make it even more impactful in the long term.

Threshers have an ambitious outlook and an eagerness to increase its standing on social media throughout 2019 and beyond. Its e-commerce site will benefit from branded tie-ins like this, so long as the partnerships continue to maintain this high level of quality, professionalism and uniqueness.

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