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Steampunk Voodoo Spiced Rum 50cl


Gyanan Rum blended with vanilla, ginger, and black pepper. The story of the origin of this award-winning Steampunk Voodoo Spice Rum is very interesting. The Steampunk Voodoo Spice offers earthy vanilla and creamy hazelnut notes and a taste of lots of caramel, maple syrup, and a touch of spice. Leading with a taste of almond and caramel, the hint of subtle spice and maple syrup unfold into a chilli heat, reminding us happily of tea-cake batter.

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SKU: 68031
Category: Rum, Spirits

Voodoo Spice can be enjoyed neat, or paired with cola, ginger ale, and tonics.

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Brand: Steampunk

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