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Royal Lochnager 12 Year (House Baratheon) 70cl


Royal Lochnagar also boasts royal lineage. Originally called New Lochnagar, it was renamed after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert visited the distillery and granted a Royal Warrant to John Begg in 1848. Since then, it has been praised by monarchs, rightfully earning its moniker. Balanced with delicate fruits and spices, this taste of royalty is best enjoyed neat.

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Category: Highland, Whiskey, Spirits

After leading the rebellion against the Targaryen dynasty, Robert Baratheon took his seat upon the Iron Throne to rule over the Seven Kingdoms. The Baratheon stag flew on banners above the Stormlands and King’s Landing and golden antlered crowns signified absolute power. Over time, the Baratheon lords proved to be better warriors than rulers, and their house now lays in ruins.

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