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Oban Little Bay Reserve (The Night’s Watch) 70cl


Oban sits beneath the steep cliff that overlooks the bay in the frontier between the west Highlands and the Islands, separating land and sea, just as Castle Black sits between Westeros and what’s beyond The Wall. This liquid’s richness is balanced with a woody, spicy, dryness that could undoubtedly keep The Night’s Watch warm on even the coldest of nights.

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Category: Highland, Whiskey, Spirits

The sworn brothers of The Night’s Watch take an oath and pledge their lives to protect the Seven Kingdoms and guard the realms of men from the terrors that lurk beyond the massive and ancient ice barrier known as The Wall. They face a frozen wasteland which legends say is filled with wildings, giants, and the terrifying forces of the Night King and the long night he brings. They are the swords in the darkness and the watchers on the wall.

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