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Moritz Beer 24×330 – BOTTLE


When we talk about a Moritz, we’re talking about a light golden pilsner beer with abundant, white bubbly foam. Just writing these lines about its soft and pleasant taste with sweet notes of malt and cereal and a light body made our mouths water.

It contains a secret ingredient to give it that unique color and compact body… Carmel malt. Add some water from Montseny, a few aromatic hops flowers and a long-term fermentation process and voilà: a mischievous beer from Moritz!

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Category: Beer, Lager

The goal was to make a premium quality beer available to everyone while conserving all the sumptuosity of a good product. Aigua de Moritz, a healthy drink. A drink with aroma. A drink with exclusivity.

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Brand: Moritz

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