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Moet & Chandon Nectar Imperial 75cl


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With its exotic fruitiness, vibrant freshness and bold yellow colour, Nectar Impérial, a sweeter demi-sec style is a delightful blend of richness and elegance
ON THE EYES: Bold yellow. With golden highlights
ON THE NOSE: A rich nose. The burst of exotic fruits: pineapple, grapefruit. The roundness of stone fruits: Mirabelle, apricot. A slight hint of vanilla
ON THE PALATE: A voluptuous palate combining creaminess and vibrancy. Pineapple, passion fruit, mirabelle and apricot. The brisk freshness of grapefruit notes
FOOD PAIRING: Foie gras with freshly ground black pepper, or a lightly cured gravlax. Spicy Indian curries heavy with saffron, or Chinese dishes with cashew and macadamia nuts. Sugary treats such as nougat and toffee, or, for a savoury contrast, crumbly, salty blue cheeses

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ABV %:
Brand: Moët & Chandon

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