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Jaffa 2512 – Jaffa Orange Liqeuer 50cl


The new liqueur range from Jaffa 2512 has been created from the fabulous base that is Jaffa 2512 Gin, with the addition of fresh fruit prepared and pressed by hand. This is as true and as pure as it gets when producing a liqueur, with real fresh fruit present, you know it can’t get more luxurious

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Category: Flavoured, Gin, Spirits

Using a unique and secret distillation process, Jaffa Oranges are macerated for 2 weeks to create a superbly versatile masterful Gin. No artificial flavouring, no artificial colourings, no essences, no glycerol, a 100% Natural Gin.

Only 200 bottles are produced per batch and take up to 4 weeks to create an incredibly smooth, zesty, fresh and refined experience.


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Brand: Jaffa 2512

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