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Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Strength Whiskey, 70 cl


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Category: Whiskey, Spirits

The most super premium Jack Daniel’s, matured to perfection in handmade oak barrels, positioned in the upper reaches of our barrelhouses and bottled at 64.5% ABV. This super premium whiskey which represents all of the uniqueness and specialness of the Single Barrel range, has a stronger character and flavour.

Its so special that only 1 in 100 barrels is deemed good enough to become a Single Barrel by the Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller.

Tasting Notes: Delicate notes of vanilla and caramel on entry, giving way to rich peppery spice. Pleasant lingering finish.

How to drink: Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Strength on the Rocks.

Additional information
ABV %:
Brand: Jack Daniels

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