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Imaginaria Cherry Bakewell Gin Liqueur 50cl


Pushing the boundaries of taste sensations, combining premium gin with botanicals and essences, hand selected to expand your tastebuds. Take time out to savor this delightful confection of premium gin, blended expertly with natural flavors of sour cherry and almond to create the ultimate Bakewell tart-with a ‘cherry on top’ liqueur.

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Category: Gin, Spirits, Featured Gins

Simple Serve

50ml Cherry Bakewell, 200ml Fever Tree Med Tonic, mix ingredients over ice and serve in a wine glass

Spritz Serve

25ml Cherry Bakewell, 25ml Limoncello Di Capri, 75ml Prosecco, 75ml Lemonade, mix ingredients over ice  and serve in a wine glass

Cocktail Serve

50ml Cherry Bakewell, 50ml Cranberry Juice, 25ml Fresh Lemon Juice, 15ml William Fox Almond, shake and strain all ingredients into a coupe glass

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Brand: Imaginaria

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