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Chilgrove Bramble Gin 70cl


The Bramble Edition Gin combines 100% grape-alcohol with Sussex natural mineral water along with 12 botanicals including blackberry.

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Category: Gin, Spirits

As with all our unique spirits, the story of our Bramble Edition Gin starts not with blackberries but with grapes. We combine 100% grape-alcohol with crystal-clear Sussex natural mineral water, from South Downs Water, along with twelve carefully balanced botanicals including blackberry.

The resulting London Dry Gin is then infused with stunning whole English blackberries for a full lunar cycle to fully capture the essence of this Gloriously English fruit.

The result is a seriously-smooth, ruby-red gin just bursting with fruit. Introducing blackberries carefully in these two separate parts of the gin-making process ensures that juniper remains at the forefront which, coupled with our bottling-strength of 42% abv, truly earns its title of ‘Super-Premium Gin’.

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