23 Gins & Tonic Recipes That Will Blow Your Mind

Gin and tonic is a glorious drink in its traditional guise, as well as being surprisingly adaptable. If you are looking for a new twist on a classic G&T, these 23 recipes will work wonders.

Name of Recipe: Too Cool

Gin of Choice: Gordon's Elderflower Gin Perfect Pairing: Enjoy on its own or match with a fish dish. Gin Description: Jazz up your G&T by taking a peeler to a cucumber and creating a couple of long strips to add along with a splash of floral tonic, preferably infused with elderflower for that ideal summery finish.

Name of Recipe: Ol' Smokey

Gin of Choice: Tanqueray London Dry Gin Perfect Pairing: Meat dishes where the chilled smokiness of the drink can really shine. Gin Description: Create your G&T as usual, then add a dash of your preferred blended whiskey and a hit of a fruit liqueur, opting for apricot infusions where possible. Creator: Leon Dalloway

Name of Recipe: The Evolver

Gin of Choice: Sipsmith London Dry Gin Perfect Pairing: Salty snacks and appetisers of all kinds. Gin Description: The key to this G&T is the ice cubes; boil a suitable herb of your choice in about 200ml for around 60 seconds. Take this off the hob and leave it to return to room temperature, then pour it into an ice cube tray and pop it in the freezer. Once ready, the herb-packed cubes will give off more flavor as you get through the drink.

Name of Recipe: The Parisian

Gin of Choice: Hendrick's Gin Perfect Pairing: This drink will add an element of class to a barbecue. Gin Description:  Enhance your G&T by swapping half the tonic for full bodied champagne while also hitting it with a tablespoon of elderflower liqueur to seal the deal.

Name of Recipe: Tonic Delight

Gin of Choice: Whitley Neill's Original Gin Perfect Pairing: A dessert course will work well with this sweeter G&T. Gin Description: Bring the botanicals of the gin to new heights by adding a dash of rosewater, peach liqueur and citrus bitters. Adjust the measures according to your sweet tooth.

Name of Recipe: Strawberry & Black Pepper Blast

Gin of Choice: Bombay Sapphire Perfect Pairing: Something savoury and summery. Gin Description: Make G&T as usual, then garnish with slices of fresh strawberry and a twist or two of black pepper from your grinder. This might sound odd, but the peppery flavours will really compliment the sweet fruit and the sharp tang of the gin.

Name of Recipe: Rhubarb G&T

Gin of Choice: Beefeater Original Gin Perfect Pairing: A sweet treat or a lighter main course will work well with this. Gin Description: Simmer a thinly sliced stick of rhubarb with 230ml of water and 70g of sugar to create a syrup which you can blend when cooled. Add this to your gin with the juice of half a lemon, tonic and of course ice.

Name of Recipe: Earl Gray G&T

Gin of Choice: Jawbox Classic Dry Gin Perfect Pairing: Makes an ideal late night, post-meal pick-me-up. Gin Description: Make a cup of black Earl Grey, remove the bag and add two or three teaspoons of sugar, mixing everything together to ensure it dissolves. Combine a measure of this with the same amount of lemon juice, then add a double measure of gin and complete the G&T with your tonic of choice. A curl of orange peel will bring out the citrus notes of the Earl Grey perfectly. Creator: Philip David

Name of Recipe: Blueberry Thyme G&T

Gin of Choice: Boodles British London Dry Gin Perfect Pairing: Best enjoyed on a hot day with a burger in hand. Gin Description: Muddle a small handful of blueberries along with a sprig or two of thyme in a glass, along with a small measure of sugar syrup. Add one or two measures of gin, along with ice cubes, before topping it up with tonic. Creator: Proper Tasty

Name of Recipe: Basil G&T

Gin of Choice: Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin Perfect Pairing: A colourful caprese salad. Gin Description: Pop the gin and five or six basil leaves in a glass and bruise the leaves to bring out the flavour, then add tonic along with ice and complete the drink with an intact leaf or two of basil and a slice of orange. Creator: Jamie Baxter

Name of Recipe: Coffee G&T

Gin of Choice: Malfy Original Gin Perfect Pairing: Great with the final course of a meal, or flying solo. Gin Description: The super simple solution to any after dinner lull, this G&T just requires the addition of a single measure of coffee liqueur, along with a fresh cherry to add a little tartness and a little orange zest to further augment all the flavours. Creator: Jamie Jones

Name of Recipe: Sage G&T

Gin of Choice: Warner Edwards Dry Gin Perfect Pairing: A hearty meat or fish dish, or vegetarian equivalent. Gin Description: The herbal hints that are a feature of many gins can be pushed to the max with the addition of sage leaves, lightly bruised, to act as a garnish. Creator: Lance Winters

Name of Recipe: Sloe G&T

Gin of Choice: Gordon's Sloe Gin Perfect Pairing: Fresh fruit salad. Gin Description: Combine a measure of the sloe gin with 20ml of Maraschino liqueur, the same again of freshly squeezed lemon juice and three teaspoons of sugar syrup. Muddle in two or three blackberries with this mixture, then choose a basic tonic water to complete the drink, as the fancier herbal infused tonics will have their flavours overwhelmed by the sloes. Creator: Des Yatigammana

Name of Recipe: Gin & Condensed Tonic

Gin of Choice: Slingsby London Dry Gin Perfect Pairing: A bowl of Italian olives. Gin Description: This is a normal G&T in every regard, save for the fact that you have to boil the tonic water to remove two thirds of the liquid and make a far more concentrated concoction. Let this cool a little, then add it to the gin over ice. Creator: Nate Brown

Name of Recipe: Posh G&T

Gin of Choice: Bloom London Dry Gin Perfect Pairing: Whatever sophisticated food takes your fancy, although even fried comfort food will go well with this G&T. Gin Description: One of the simplest yet most enticing of our turbocharged gin and tonic recipes, this requires the addition of 20ml of sweet vermouth along with a dash or two of peach bitters and fresh red fruits added as a beautifully bobbing garnish.

Name of Recipe: Guilty Pleasure

Gin of Choice: Tanqueray Lovage Gin Perfect Pairing: Pick a pudding to go with this indulgent G&T. Gin Description: Rich and naughty, this recipe requires the addition of fresh mint leaves and mint bitters along with a couple of teaspoons of chocolate liqueur and of course the gin itself. The tonic will bring the bubbles, while a leaf or two of mint will top it off nicely.

Name of Recipe: Coriander and Cinnamon G&T

Gin of Choice: Peaky Blinders Spiced Dry Gin Perfect Pairing: Tingle your tongue with this gin and a roast dinner on a winter's evening. Gin Description: Muddle a couple of sprigs of coriander in a glass along with a couple of dashes of ground cinnamon. Use the spiced gin to bring even more heat and liveliness to the mix, then plop in a handful of ice and introduce the tonic as the crowning glory for this drink. Creator: Eduardo de la Mora

Name of Recipe: Grape and Elderflower G&T

Gin of Choice: Edinburgh Gin